What is the Cane Costs Expedition?

The Expedition Custos Cana is a project to collect data and share information on the cost of producing sugarcane, sugar, ethanol and bioelectricity, with the main agents of the Brazilian sugar-energy chain. The production cost data is extremely important information for the management of the results of the sugarcane suppliers and mills. As it is a commodities market, it is essential to understand the costs involved in the business to know the real results obtained at the end of each harvest, since the price is dictated by the market.

What is the purpose of the event?

The event presents new analyzes of the cost surveys carried out with the mills, cases of mill cost management, as well as the situation and prospects for the production and sale of sugar, ethanol, and bioenergy in Brazil and in the world for the sugar and energy sector. 


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Producers, consultants, suppliers, and professionals in the sugar-energy sector.


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O evento acontecerá no auditório da Coplacana situado na Av. Comendador Luciano Guidotti,
1937 – Bairro Caxambú em Piracicaba/SP.


Please contact us by e-mail contatoeventos@pecege.com or by phone (19) 3377-0940.